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Biomass steam generator

  1. Biomass steam generator series products do not need to go through approval procedures and annual inspections, eliminating complicated annual examination procedures.
  2. The combustion structure of semi-gasification mode, the furnace air distribution is negative pressure combustion, the air distribution ratio is reasonable, the combustion is complete, the thermal efficiency is high, the built-in dust collector, the emissions are visible to the naked eye, and meet the requirements of national emission standards.
  3. Equipped with microcomputer LCD control system, one-button operation, install water and electricity in place, press the on-off key, the generator will enter the fully automatic operation state, safe and convenient, without the need for special stove personnel, reducing the labor intensity of personnel .
  4. The product is equipped with high-quality pressure controller and safety valve, with multiple protections such as overpressure, low water level and overheating protection, to ensure product quality and safe use.
  5. The steam output and steam saturation have passed rigorous tests, and both meet national and industry standards.
  6. The modular machine is delivered from the factory. The water pump, solenoid valve and check valve have been configured. You only need to connect the power supply, steam outlet pipe, water inlet pipe and sewage pipe, which saves installation costs and a lot of installation materials.

Automatic biomass hot water boiler

Energy saving. The boiler adopts the principle of reverse combustion to make the fuel burn-out rate reach 98% or more. Orbital heat exchange with multiple return strokes, the exhaust temperature is about 130 ° C, which reduces the exhaust loss, and the boiler shell is insulated as a whole. Heat loss. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is more than 80%, and compared with the traditional boiler, the energy efficiency is more than 30%.

Environmental protection, because the boiler uses the principle of reverse combustion, combustibles pass through the high temperature area, burn out carbon black and so on, no black smoke is emitted.

Automatic control. The boiler water temperature adopts a numerical control system, which realizes fully automatic control. The induced draft fan is equipped with a frequency converter to control the speed according to the combustion intensity. The boiler operating time can be arbitrarily set. When the temperature reaches the upper limit, the combustion intensity can be automatically slowed down or the furnace can be stopped. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, the combustion can be automatically started. Add coal once and the boiler can burn for 4 to 5 hours.

The cost is low, and the connection parts such as the boiler main and auxiliary machines are completed in the factory. There is no need to increase the cost of main materials during installation.

It is safe and easy to operate. The boiler design and installation adopts the atmospheric pressure boiler technical scheme, which is equipped with atmospheric connecting pipes and is at normal pressure. The boiler is equipped with a secondary flue. When the boiler is stopped, the flue gas is automatically discharged. There is no flue gas in the boiler room to ensure the safety of the boiler staff.

Biomass atmospheric hot water boiler

Double-layer grate combustion is also called water-cooled grate combustion. It is a small boiler combustion method with good hookah dust removal. The air supply of the combustion layer of the water-cooled grate is from top to bottom (reverse combustion). The auxiliary grate is mainly used to burn half of the gas between the two grate.

During operation, the fine particles on the combustion layer will not fly up and be carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of smoke and dust removal. When the combustion layer of the water-cooled grate falls ash, some dust will be taken out by the flue gas, but the time is short. In addition, the strength of the heating surface of the water-cooled grate is quite high, and in combination with the convection heating surface of the highly efficient heat transfer screw pipe, the steel consumption of the boiler can be significantly reduced.

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