Biomass boiler 60 ton hr


Zozen Boiler biomass boiler 60 ton hr has the advantages of high combustion efficiency, high-efficiency desulfurization and low NOx emissions, wide fuel adaptability, simple fuel pretreatment system, large load regulation, and easy realization of comprehensive utilization of ash and slag.

Operating cost of a biomass boiler 60 ton hr in one day:

1. Fuel cost: The calculation formula for biomass boiler 60 ton hr fuel consumption: 600,000 kcal * tonnage / biomass boiler thermal efficiency / fuel calorific value = consumption, 600,000 kcal biomass boiler requires 150 kg of biomass fuel per hour, Then 60 tons requires 9,000 kg of fuel per hour. The price of biomass fuel is about 900 rmb per ton, and the fuel cost per hour calculated is 8100rmb.
2. Electricity cost: The better places are mainly pumps and electrical cabinets. Different models have different power consumption.
3. Water cost: The water consumption of the biomass boiler 60 ton hr depends on the use of the steam. If the steam is directly consumed, the amount of water consumed needs to be replenished.
4. Labor cost: It takes about 3-5 people to guard a 60-ton biomass boiler.

5. Maintenance cost: This cost is not fixed, there may not be any expenditure in this area for a year, and it may be very expensive. It all depends on the quality and operating conditions of the boiler.
6. Maintenance cost: The biomass boiler 60 ton hr needs to be maintained at least once a year, that is, before the boiler is turned on or after it is stopped. Regular maintenance can effectively extend the life of the biomass boiler 60 ton hr.

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