ZOZEN new biomass-fired boiler – a new choice of energy saving and consumption reducing for enterprises


Green development, the main theme of today’s world development, uses clean renewable energy, for example, biomass fuel. Meanwhile, biomass-fired boilers are facing great challenges and opportunities. Relying on technological innovation, ZOZEN has designed and developed a new generation biomass-fired boiler, which takes the lead in solving the problems that are commonly occurred in traditional biomass-fired boilers, and has reached the international advanced level on the aspects of product technology, product performance and environmental protection indexes.

The biomass-fired boiler uses biomass energy as energy source, achieving zero sulfur dioxide emission. But due to the complicated construction of biomass-fired boilers, furnace arch burning down, furnace door burning out, hopper catching fire and stopper coking are commonly occurred and inevitable problems when operating the boiler, which have bedeviled most of boiler manufacturing enterprises for years.

ZOZEN always insists on technological innovation and has designed and developed a new generation biomass-fired boiler. The R&D personnel of ZOZEN increased the height of furnace, accelerated the speed of stoker, installed ash blowing unit at convection area and automatic ash cleaning system at the bottom of stoker, these methods solved the problems of ash blocking and abrasion, and also reduced much work of maintaining personnel.

In addition, ZOZEN biomass-fired boiler has wide fuel adaptability, is suitable for a wide variety of biomass fuels including biomass particle, wood chips, palm shell, straw and so on. The  engineering technique personnel of ZOZEN optimized the design of the feeding hopper, the length and width of the fire grate, rotary speed of gearbox, 1st and 2nd air ratio, vapor orientation and position, etc; the above upgrades ensure the high thermal efficiency and stable operation of the boiler.

ZOZEN new biomass-fired boilers have received favorable response once upon the launch and were exported to overseas such as Sentury Tire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Pom Packaging in Papua New Guinea, and successfully supported those enterprises’ boiler upgrade to achieve the development goal of energy saving and consumption reducing.

PT.Mikie Oleo Nabati is an oil refinery in Indonesia established in 2001, specializing in refining palm flesh and palm kernel into palmitoleic acid, refined palm oil, margarine, shortening, etc. Because the production processes of refining, bleaching, deacidifying, deodorizing and fractionating need plenty of steam, a stable steam boiler has a direct impact on the production line, so the oil refinery has high requirements and demands for the steam.

In order to save cost, the oil refinery has been using palm shell as boiler fuel. But their previous biomass-fired boilers had the problems of ash accumulation, abrasion, burning of the front arch and hopper, which had greatly affected the production line of PT.Mikie Oleo Nabati, therefore, the company decided to replace the old boilers. ZOZEN manager provided 2 sets of SZL series 15 tph biomass-fired boiler for the company after learning about their actual requirements. This series of boilers has the characteristics of sufficient output, safety and high efficiency; the thermal efficiency can reach up to 88%, which could fully meet the requirements of the oil refinery.

The ZOZEN biomass-fired boilers have been the main force of the production line and received much recognition and praise from PT.Mikie Oleo Nabati for the feature of sufficient burning and high thermal efficiency, which has saved a lot of operating costs for the company.

In the future, ZOZEN will continue to increase the input to R&D, uphold the concept of innovative development, and design the boiler products of higher performance, contributing its share to the green development of the world economy.

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