Which is better for biomass boilers?


In China, with the continuous development of industrialization, not only has it created glory, but while people’s material culture and spiritual civilization have developed by leaps and bounds, it has also caused the exhaustion of resources and the deterioration of the environment to become an urgent problem. Nowadays, some enterprises have increased their research and development in science and technology, and have sought out in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, hoping to make their own contributions to China’s environmental problems. Zozen Boiler is such a company.

It is understood that Zozen Boiler has strong technical strength and many scientific and technological talents who are in the leading position in the domestic thermal energy technology industry. They have successively obtained “energy-saving hot-air boilers”, “high-efficiency biomass burning furnace grate” and “utilizing biomass fuels”. Four hot air conditioners and other national invention patents and more than 20 national new utility patents.

“At present, our company has biomass heating and hot water boiler, bath boiler, dual fuel boiler, biomass steam boiler, biomass stove and other products, and can provide biomass boiler renovation service, biomass boiler maintenance service, biomass pellet fuel. Delivery service.

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