Solve the problem of black smoke from biomass boiler


Incomplete combustion of biomass fuel: This is the main reason for the black smoke of the biomass boiler.

When the boiler is running, the incomplete combustion of fuel will not only produce carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, etc., but also produce carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and other combustible gases, which generate black smoke after combustion.

The insufficient combustion of fuel will not only make the biomass boiler emit black smoke, but also increase the use of fuel and increase the operation cost of the enterprise.

Insufficient air volume, poor air distribution and low furnace temperature: when the hot air volume cannot meet the needs of combustion, black smoke will appear.

Solution to the problem of black smoke from biomass fired boiler:

Fault phenomenon 1: too much feeding or wet fuel will cause smoke and dust due to insufficient combustion

Troubleshooting: reduce to the appropriate feeding speed or change the dry fuel.

Fault phenomenon 2: there is sulfur caking and too much ash in the furnace, blocking the normal supply of oxygen

Removal method: if the particles contain impurities, tar or acid substances, it is easy to form sulfur and slags. Remove them and replace the fuel in time.

Fault 3: the dust in the heat pipe and flue of the biomass boiler is blocked and the exhaust is blocked

Elimination method: clean the biomass boiler heat pipe and flue in time.

Fault phenomenon 4: the fan is not working

Troubleshooting: check the fan.

Fault phenomenon 4: the secondary oxygen supplement is blocked or not opened

Troubleshooting: check the fan and adjust the secondary oxygen supplement.

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