Characteristics of biomass boiler


1. Energy saving: the biomass boiler is burned by gasification, the boiler heats up faster, and the thermal efficiency is higher; the furnace body adopts a multi-return structure to increase the heat exchange area, so that the heat can be converted; a waste heat recovery device is configured, and the exhaust of the smoke pipe The temperature is very low, greatly reducing the cost of combustion.

2. Green and environmental protection: the fuel is the promoted biomass fuel, which is affordable and has a wide range of sources; it has a gasification chamber structure that can make the fuel semi-gasified and burn, without the need to erect a tall chimney, as long as the boiler exhaust hole is connected to the outdoor; and configuration The dust removal device emits no smoke visible to the naked eye.

3. Control: One-key operation by microcomputer, automatic feeding and automatic ignition, temperature setting, repeated start and stop and fault alarm function, easy operation.

4. Labor saving: Biomass boiler is atmospheric hot water boiler. Automatic feeding and automatic ignition, feeding 1-2 times a day, equipped with drawer ash hopper, easy to clean, reducing labor intensity.

5. The function is better: when the whole preheating of the furnace is completed, hot water can be delivered in 1-2 minutes; the heat exchange structure is set in the furnace body, and no external replacement of the heat exchanger is required. Both heating and hot water functions are available. Simultaneous use does not interfere with each other.

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