Can biomass fuel boilers be used for heating in winter?


Every heating season, many users have to face a very headache problem, that is, do not know which boiler to choose for heating, especially the appearance of smog, which causes many customers to have more headaches, do not know how to choose, sometimes Even the heating boiler using what kind of fuel is very troublesome. Today, I will introduce a heating boiler-a biomass fuel boiler. So, can biomass fuel boilers be used for heating in winter? Let’s take a look at it together.

Biomass fuel boilers are used for heating with a high degree of automation. Digital digital integrated controllers can automatically control combustion conditions according to user settings. The operation is simple and convenient, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, and the same operation as oil and gas boilers. Convenience. The inverted “α” type furnace arch technology is used to improve the fuel combustion characteristics, especially the unique smokeless treatment technology of Zozen Boiler, which allows the biomass fuel boiler to bid farewell to the black smoke. The user’s urban heating, district heating, and factory heating are all very good Choice.

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