Biomass boilers have a very broad prospect overseas


Speaking of biomass boilers, for most people, it may still be foggy, but on the far side of the ocean, biomass boilers have attracted the attention of government departments and received more subsidies and support. Let’s take a look at the development of biomass boilers in Europe and America with the natural life material boiler.

According to the understanding of natural life material boilers, US Secretary of Agriculture Weisack recently publicly stated that the US Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Energy will subsidize 10 domestic bioenergy and biofuel crop projects with a total capital of 12.2 million US dollars. It is understood that increasing subsidies for biomass energy projects has become an important means for the development of biomass energy in European and American countries. US subsidized projects are mainly located in California, Florida, Kansas and other regions. Wesac said the investment aims to improve special crops and produce biofuels, which will help reduce oil imports. The combination of the US Department of Energy’s large-scale genetic recombination technology and the Ministry of Agriculture’s crop improvement experience will accelerate the improvement of biofuel production efficiency.

It is not just Americans who are active. In Germany, the State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Buhlis, recently said that the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture will invest 180 million euros to support research on biomass energy technology. The future funding of the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture’s biomass energy research will include: the combination of biomass energy and other renewable energy technologies; the improvement of decentralized bioenergy utilization technologies; and the development of new renewable energy technologies for the production of renewable energy. Energy crop breeding techniques for future climate change; advanced, sustainable and efficient biomass fuels; bioenergy conversion equipment for organic residues humus and nutrients.

In the UK, the government has officially stated that it will build a £3 million fund for the additional compensation mechanism for renewable energy heating. This fund will be mainly used to develop domestic social housing renewable energy heating technology. RHPP-compliant technologies include: biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and water source heat pumps.

In the face of the booming development of biomass fired boilers, we have reason to believe that biomass energy is likely to become the main force for sustainable development in the future. In this regard, the natural life material boiler will wait and see with you.

Biomass boilers are an integral part of a low-carbon, clean and environmentally friendly economy and an important part of implementing an air pollution prevention action plan. Biomass boilers have been promoted by the National Energy Administration because of their cleanliness and economy. They have ushered in broad development prospects in the environment of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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