Biomass boilers for large power plants in Brazil


Biomass power generation is a kind of renewable energy power generation using biomass energy, including direct combustion of agricultural and forestry waste power generation, gasification of agricultural and forestry waste power generation, waste incineration power generation, landfill gas power generation, biogas power generation.

A number of projects in Brazil are the introduction of biomass boiler brazil for power generation. This lifetime material boiler technology has been mature and recognized, but the price is relatively high. But from the use of biomass energy, environmental protection, biomass boiler brazil research and development is necessary.

The existing biomass boilers brazil in China are mainly crop straw, and the combustion technologies that have been preliminarily possessed include: straw strapping feed combined with water-cooled vibration grate technology, straw mixed with coal technology, and straw burning technology that is compressed and cut into cracks. Before burning the straws strapping feed, infrared ray spindles should be used to measure the moisture content and moisture content of each bale of straws. 25% of the qualified products are crushed by crusher and then put into the furnace, and combined with the water-cooled vibrating grate technology for combustion.

The technology of mixed burning of straw and coal is also used in China. The ash residue of coal is mainly used as the raw material of cement industry.

The reasonable operation mode of mixed combustion of material fuel and conventional fuel or direct combustion of biomass for graduate students not only saves social resources, but also is conducive to the stability of pillar society and environmental protection, which is in line with the overall situation of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly harmonious society.

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