Biomass boiler components


The biomass boiler components produced by Zozen Boiler mainly include the following:

Serpentine tube

It’s the main heat transfer part of economize or condenser, it uses different materials due to the different nature of smoke.

Convection tube

It is the main heat transfer component of the water tube boilers, the convection tube of the Zozen Boiler is formed by the automatic bending of the CNC bending machine to ensure the consistency of each tube.

Explosion door

The safety device of gas-fired boilers to prevent the furnace to be damaged

Threaded smoke tube

It is the main heat transfer parts of WNS boilers, the thread depth and pitch are carefully calculated and ensured by laser measurement during processing, to achieve the double guarantee of heat transfer and service life.

Chain wheel

Power transmission device on grate or coal hopper, they are divided into 16teeth and 9 teeth.

Grate bars

The grate bars used by chain grate boilers are divided into active and passive pieces, which have two kinds of size and different material. In general, biomass-fired boilers uses heat-resistant steel materials.

Adjustment device

Device for adjusting the incoming air volume of grate

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