Biomass boiler 3000 kw


Biomass fuel power generation is one of the mainstream forms of power plant boilers. Although the status of coal-fired power generation cannot be shaken for a long period of time, newer power generation modes such as biomass power generation and waste heat power generation do not affect it. And even complement each other.

The biomass power boiler with a power generation capacity of 6000KW has an evaporation capacity of 20 tons / hour. However, the capacity of a biomass boiler with a power generation capacity of 3000KW is about 15 tons. However, the circulating fluidized bed and the chain grate are used for biomass. This kind of technology only said that if you want to purchase 6000 kilowatts of biomass power station boilers, biomass fluidized bed power generation boilers are a good choice, but if you choose to buy 3000 kilowatts of biomass furnaces, you should choose a biomass chain grate boiler.

In addition, for the current energy conservation and emission reduction policies, in terms of small power plants and captive power plants, boiler biomass burning is a very good choice, and its energy saving efficiency will also improve a lot.

As a manufacturer of biomass fuel clean power generation boilers, there are many types of boilers that can be provided. The main series are quick-installed biomass boilers, straw biomass stoves, rice husk biomass power generation boilers, lees power biomass boilers, bagasse biomass power boilers, Chemical bed biomass power generation boiler, etc.

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