75 ton biomass power plant boiler


With the increasing demand for energy from society, fossil fuels as the main source of energy are rapidly decreasing. Therefore, the search for a renewable alternative energy source has become the focus of general social attention. Biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source. It comes from a wide range of sources and produces a large amount of industrial, agricultural and forest waste every year.

Biomass fuel is directly used as boiler fuel, which is also an effective way to use biomass energy. In recent years, biomass boilers have developed rapidly in China. The Zozen 75 ton biomass power plant boiler is used directly or processed into a biomass pellet fuel power station boiler in rural areas. It has the dual unity of social and economic benefits, and uses biomass power generation to enjoy national preferential subsidies.

There are three types of biomass power station boilers: biomass power station boilers (chain grate), biomass power station boilers (angle-tube chain grate), and biomass power station boilers (circulating fluidized bed).

The performance advantages of 75 ton biomass power plant boiler are as follows:

1, 75 ton biomass power plant boiler (chain grate):

Equipped with a blower for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a spiral slag discharger for mechanical slag discharge, complete control and monitoring instruments, safe and reliable boiler operation, and the discharged ash and slag can be directly used as farm manure. .

2. 75 ton biomass power plant boiler (angle tube chain grate):

The boiler body adopts the angle tube type and self-supporting structure, which cleverly solves the boiler’s expansion and support structure is simple and reliable. The fuel is injected into the furnace by spraying, so that the fuel is combusted in a “stratified combustion and suspension combustion” combustion method with high combustion efficiency.

3. 75 ton biomass power plant boiler (circulating fluidized bed):

Avoids or solves the problem of ash deposit and slagging during biomass combustion and heat exchange, and can run stably for a long time. The emission of flue gas meets the relevant national environmental protection standards, and the ash and slag have a low carbon content, which can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash.

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