How to dry the moisture in the fuel of biomass-fired boilers?


If the moisture of biomass fuel is too high, it is easy to cause the boiler to run under full load, which can cause problems like insufficient boiler output and so on. The solutions are as follows:

1) Stable combustion. Adjust the boiler grate to a small frequency and frequent vibration mode and carefully adjust the boiler according to the combustion conditions and fuel layer thickness.

2) Fuel and air supply. Change the feed and air supply in a frequent and careful way. If the boiler furnace has large fluctuations, it is necessary to reduce the feed and air supply in time to maintain the furnace temperature.

3) Furnace temperature. If the boiler furnace temperature is high, the boiler can keep the stable combustion at about 800 ℃. At that time, increase the secondly air supply in an appropriate way.

4) Furnace pressure. Pay attention to the air leakage conditions of the boiler to prevent cold air from entering the boiler to cause pressure fluctuations in the boiler furnace.

5) Mixed fuel. Using the mixed fuel can avoid the moisture of some kind fuel. There are specific requirements for mixed fuel, which should be taken over by professionals.

6) Fuel layer thickness. In order to improve the combustion of biomass fuel, you should keep the fuel layer thickness in the furnace of at least 20-30 cm and maintain a relatively high heat storage capacity in order to carry high load and avoid fuel shortage.

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