How to deal with the fuel combustion of biomass boilers?


Sufficient furnace temperature: Sufficient fuel combustion of biomass-fired boilers firstly requires high furnace temperature. The temperature should meet the requirements of sufficientfuel combustion. Besides, the combustion speed is required to be proportional to the temperature. Moreover, the furnace temperature should be raised as much as possible on the premise that slag is not formed in the furnace.

Appropriate air amount: To much air will reduce the temperature of thefurnace and increase insufficient combustion. If the air amount is insufficient, the combustion efficiency will be reduced, which not only wastes fuel but also increases the flue gas emissions.

Well mixing of fuel and air: The fuel and air should be mixed well in the combustion phase of the biomass-fired boiler and stirred frequently when the fuel is burnt out. The fuel should be ensured to stay at the grate and furnace for a long time, which will improve combustion efficiency and save costs.

Reasonable flame front position: The flame front position of biomass-fired boilers should be higher of the area between the upper part of the grate and the mid part of the grate.

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