Some things to pay attention to during the operation of the biomass ring


Pay attention to the following points when operating a biomass boiler:

(1) Adjust the fuel supply of the screw feeder according to the actual fuel consumption when the boiler is running.

(2) If the fuel in the furnace is not burned out, the drum and induced draft fan must not stop running.

(3) When there is a sudden power failure during operation, the fuel in the furnace must be cleared in time.

(4) No more biomass fuel shall be added before the furnace is shut down.

(5) When the furnace is shut down, there is no need to seal the fire. After the fuel on the grate is exhausted, the drum and induced draft fan can stop running.

(6) Because the biomass fuel ash contains high silicon, chlorine, potassium, sodium and other alkali metals, the ash has a low melting point, and it is easy to slag, coke or deposit on the heated surface in the furnace, which seriously affects the environmental protection of burning biomass. The heat transfer of the boiler may even cause corrosion and affect the operation of the boiler. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the ash and slag in the furnace, the smoke breaking chamber and the smoke pipe.

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