How to choose a biomass boiler


Biomass boilers are a very good alternative to coal-fired boilers. They not only meet current environmental protection standards, but also have the advantage of low operating costs for coal-fired boilers. The biggest basis for selecting a biomass boiler is its high thermal efficiency and high utilization rate. Next, introduce the idea of ​​how to select the biomass boiler.

1. Annual analysis in line with the curve. The energy consumption and efficiency of boilers vary throughout the year. Therefore, the selection of biomass boilers must take this into consideration.

2, load. The operating state of the biomass boiler must meet the rated power. If the load is too small, the boiler efficiency will be significantly reduced. If the load is too large or severely exceed the rated power, it will cause damage to the boiler and directly reduce the service life of the boiler equipment.

3. Fuel. Biomass boiler fuels are various forms of biomass, but not all forms of biomass fuels are suitable for the use of biomass boilers, and processed shaped biomass fuels have a high fuel rate and are easier to control.

4. Capacity. The choice of boiler capacity is best to be greater than the maximum demand, so that in most cases, the demand can be met.

5. In the selection of biomass boilers, the fluctuation of heat demand within a day should also be considered. When the demand is low, heat storage can be carried out, and the heat storage can be used for peak heat demand period.

The above is the relevant content on how to select the biomass boiler. If you want to know more about the biomass boiler, please consult Zozen technicians online for free. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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